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STAGE 3 SCIENCE - LIGHT Term ??? 2016

Curriculum Source


  1. ST3-12MW uses scientific knowledge about the transfer of light to solve problems that directly affect people’s lives
BOS Content
  Light from a source forms shadows and can be absorbed, reflected and refracted. (ACSSU080)


  • classify materials as transparent, opaque or translucent, based on whether light passes through them, is absorbed, reflected or scattered
  • observe and describe how the absorption of light by materials and objects forms shadows, eg building shading
  • gather evidence to support their predictions about how light travels and is reflected CCT
  • research, using secondary sources to gather information about science understandings, discoveries and/or inventions that depend on the reflection and refraction of light and how these are used to solve problems that directly affect people's lives, eg mirrors, magnifiers, spectacles and prisms (ACSHE083, ACSHE100)

Please also see: Assessment Rubric

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